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The longer we live on this planet, the more we are subjected to opinions, advice, and suggestions that are positioned in our “best interest."

“I know what’s best for you” 

“you should” 

“experts say"


These subtle yet powerful statements

(even when well intended)

can shake the trust we have in our own wisdom.  


With so much advice being flung at us from every direction, we can find ourselves feeling self doubt, overwhelmed and hopelessness. 

The biggest source of pain I have experienced is the feeling of Disempowerment.

  • The bully that told me year after year I was too fat for anyone to love me

  • The doctor who told me I would be diabetic for the rest of my life

  • The family member insisting we raise our child their way

  • business mentor telling me “You need to follow my steps to be successful.”

  • A personal trainer who said I would never lose weight unless I followed his system

  • friend judging my success based on money and fame

From these disempowering circumstances, a knowing bubbled up within me that, even though others may want the best for us, we are the ones who possess the solutions to our challenges. Each one of us showed up on this planet with the built-in wisdom to truly empower ourselves. 

When I step on stage my intention is to share meaningful, vulnerable, and inspirational stories that illustrate the love in every circumstance and ignite the wisdom within each and every person in the audience. When we connect to the wisdom and love within, we shift from feelings of self-doubt to empowerment.


Everything changes. 



"When I stopped looking for the answers outside of myself, and started feeling the answers within, that’s when I felt true power."

~Heather Criswell 

Keynotes & Workshops 

  • Ditch the Vision Board: Life has a bigger dream for you than a Dyson vacuum.

  • Rise & Shine:  Rise in your greatness and shine your light in this world. 

  • WiseInside Moments: Our heart is guiding us back to love in every circumstance.

  • Pick Up the Penny: Everything we need is literally at our feet. 

  • How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too): Parenting Reframed.

  • Follow Your WiseInside: Trust your soul. Trust your intuition. Trust your heart.

  • Communicate in Power: With clarity, cooperation, and compassion. Every. Single. Time. 

     (Tailored to topic: Parenting, Business, Personal Empowerment)

  • Wise Talk from the Other Side: Grief. Loss. Death. See the possibility for love in every experience. 

  • Cancel the Lessons in Life: We have the wisdom within, we just need to be reminded.

      (Tailored to topic: Parenting, Business, Personal Empowerment)

  • Erase the Business Blueprint: Follow your heart to the life of your dreams.

  • Live the Little "p": How little acts of purpose make a difference in a million ways.

  • Extinguish Comparison: Shift from self-doubt to honoring your soul's wisdom.

      (Tailored to topic: Parenting, Business, Personal Empowerment)

  • Stop Sucking It In: Loving yourself in every circumstance.

      (Tailored to topic: Parenting, Business, Personal Empowerment)

When I walk off the stage, my greatest desire is to leave each person filled with WiseInside Moments, shining bright—feeling empowered, inspired, acknowledged, and most of all...loved.    

After we connect and discuss your specific needs and desires, I will customize a unique experience for you and your audience. Magical moments are coming.



“I knew I was special. I felt it in my soul. I felt a light that would beam from my chest and spread love in a way uniquely my own. I felt that love was mine to have and give."

~Heather Criswell

When we tap into our wisdom and feel true empowerment, we experience love for ourselves, our children, and each other. 

It is my hope that you walk away from our time together, seeing the possibility for love in every experience, knowing you are WiseInside, and becoming inspired to seek the wisdom and love that surrounds you, both in this world and worlds beyond. 


Breathe. Feel. Live. Our journey in this life always circles back to LOVE.

My heart is the happiest on stage, shining light, giving love, and reminding each and every person of their greatness.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to give and receive love, on and off stage. 

We come here in love, with love, and for love.  

Thank You for the Opportunity to Shine With You & For You.

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Love is here for you. 

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Much love ~Heather

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