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Wise Talk from the Other Side

This book takes you on a journey. Death. Grief. Loss. Laughter. Sadness. Inspiration. Divorce. Miscarriage. Hope. Always ending in Love. You will see the possibility for love in every experience, know you are WiseInside, and become inspired to seek the wisdom and love that surrounds you, both in this world and worlds beyond.


How to Raise a Happy Child
(and be happy Too)

Inside these pages, you’ll find all the tools to communicate your needs and a multitude of options to create cooperation in any situation. We give you the scripts that have worked with thousands of children so you know exactly what to say and how to guide your child back to their best self when they need a little reminder.

WiseTalk for Families

Get the communication you need and want.

Go Beyond “How was your day?’" with a game that opens the doors to meaningful conversation. Learn to engage with your child, calmly discuss even the toughest subjects and support them in being their best selves.                                                        

WiseTalk for Teachers

Easily transform your learning environment in minutes! Watch compassion and cohesiveness flourish in your classroom with the game that’s proven to deepen communication and make students feel heard.


Calling All Souls
Guided Meditation

Calling All Souls: a 15 minute guided meditation that will give you a direct line to your heart, your wisdom, and the wisdom that lives beyond this world. You will get the answers you need, give appreciation to your heart and body for being an incredible vessel of love on this planet, and connect with the wisdom that lives beyond this world to reaffirm the greatness and wisdom that lies within each and every one of us. 

Bedtime Love Bubble

Bedtime Love Bubble: Say goodnight with a soothing, 5-minute audio that wraps your child (and you) in love. This energetically balanced soundtrack helps ease your child into a peaceful sleep, reminds them of the love they experienced throughout the day, and reassures them that they matter and are loved beyond measure. 

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