Love is here for you.  Always.

You’re here because you’re a special soul on this planet. You have come here to love and be loved. And yet, there are times when we feel far from this truth.


We want to be heard, valued, and acknowledged...especially when we experience grief and conflict in our most valued relationships, finances,business, or when we feel we are not enough. Often we lack the words and experience to express our needs, wants, and desires.  

How do we communicate in love, with love, and for love?

I have learned from the best.


Children. Parents. Clients. And the "Other Side."


It took over 25 years, three companies (a preschool, wellness center, and this beautiful venture you are a part of right now), publishing two books, losing my entire family, and adopting our beautiful son, to learn how to communicate in love...especially in the most challenging circumstances.

As a witness to the power of love in my work with children, healing and passing, I've created resources that expand your inner wisdom, help you reframe your personal experiences in love, and communicate that love with the world. 

Always Know that You Are WiseInside.

about Heather

Everything leads us back to love. Everything.
I'm Here to Help

Wise Talk from the Other Side: This book takes you on a journey. Death. Grief. Loss. Laughter. Sadness. Inspiration. Divorce. Miscarriage. Hope. Always ending in Love.

How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too): Simple strategies that bring out the best in you and your child. You’ll learn to use your intuition in a way that works for you and your kid, each and every time. This book has all the tools to communicate your needs and a multitude of options to create cooperation in any situation. 

It's a simple mission...

share stories, experiences, and wisdom that inspires "I never really thought of it that way" moments for each person in the audience.


I offer my audience clear, practical skills to communicate from a place of love.

Seeing themselves in my stories allows them to

  • gain a fresh perspective for their own life

  • carry humor through life's challenges

  • have the tools to connect to their wisdom and access all the answers they will ever need


Navigate this crazy life in love and grace.


I feature amazing souls that circle us back to love in business, parenting, relationships, health, humanity, and the planet.


Get answers, experience empowerment, have ah-ha moments, and feel love amplified. 


Reconnect to your wisdom.  Experience heartfelt connection.  Feel the love.


I’ve created games, books, and love bubble moments to help bring out the best in you, your children, and each other.

Here's the extended version of my story

I’ve always thought that my soul’s calling, my entire purpose on this planet, was to be a voice for the children and an inspiration to parents. The past 25 years has gifted me with the opportunity to work with over 30,000 kids. My life, my world, has been centered in bridging the communication and connection gap between adults and children. 

When I was 21 years old, my father believed in my dream to open a one-of-a-kind of preschool where children were empowered, celebrated for their unique gifts, and loved beyond words. My family contributed time, energy, and money to make this dream a reality and See World Learning Center was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For nearly a decade, I raised a generation of children who believed they were a gift to the world, and taught them how to share their gifts with others. My husband and I fostered many children over the years. All of these amazing kids had so much to teach me about how to communicate, cooperate, and connect with them in the most loving ways.

Years later, my passion spread to impacting the lives of entire families. I established the Touch of Life Wellness Center, also in Las Vegas. It was a place where people could come for healing, holistic alternatives, and personal transformation. The center gave me a place to explore and embrace the natural healing powers we all possess. It gave me a place to witness and share miracles everday.

When I was ready to evolve into my next business and life adventure, I sold the wellness center and created a new company that married all the wisdom I gathered from See World and Touch of Life. Because we all have an unbreakable wisdom that resides within, it made sense to start a company that reminded the world of exactly that. WiseInside was born. 


My first creation was an award-winning game, WiseTalk for Families, designed to help parents and children share meaningful, heartfelt moments filled with communication, connection, and love. 

Next, I was honored to co-author an award-winning book with Taryn Voget from Everyday Genius Institute, How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too)Our book has helped thousands of parents tap into their own wisdom and feel good on the journey through parenthood.   

Everything I’ve created has opened me to a whole new realm with the publication of my second book, Wise Talk from the Other Side. I never thought in a million years I would write a book detailing conversations I’ve had with family that has passed on. I guess the universe holds the power to unfold dharma much bigger than our own plans, all in perfect time and space.


My eternal family, in all their wisdom, reminds me often that my foundation is WiseInside. While encouraging the connection between parents and their children is a big slice of my life’s work on this planet, it’s been shown to me that this message transcends every niche. There is so much more to each and every one of us than meets the eye.   

My soul's calling is to remind you all:

You are WiseInside and surrounded by love, always.  

Many thanks and much love ~Heather

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Love is here for you. 

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Much love ~Heather