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in Love,With Love, And for Love.
We are love. Even though it doesn't always feel that way.

Where's the love for ourselves and each other when we feel so alone? How do we feel love in grief, frustration, sadness, conflict, and loss?

Love is always present, even though it isn't always rainbows and unicorns. When it seems nowhere to be found, I'm here to offer another perspective. A view from a different lens that reminds us of the love surrounding us in every way.
I'm here to share universal love stories and inspiring ways to communicate that love with yourself, your children, and each other. 
I've worked with over 30,000 children that have taught me how to communicate from compassion, especially in times of tears, screams, and tantrums. As a former massage therapist and wellness center owner, my relationships with hundreds of clients, helped me learn to communicate with energy, without words, and trust the body's own unique wisdom.
I authored the most heart-wrenching, vulnerable, and healing book with stories from my entire family the has passed on to the "other side." Their stories remind us how to communicate beyond worlds and know that everything circles back to love.

As a witness to the power of love in my work with children, healing and passing, I've created empowering resources that expand your inner wisdom, help you reframe your personal experiences in love, and express that love with the world.

California Womens Conference 2017


"When Heather speaks, it sinks into your soul. Her passion captivated me, and her stories connected powerfully. She made me feel like I was in a safe place and inspired me to open my heart in my life without judgement."

~Adria DeCorte

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